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Working More for Less

Интересный и короткий пост про оплату труда.

My colleague said that for years he would preface the theoretical discussion with a poll. He would turn to the class and ask them to imagine themselves employed at some job. Then imagine having your wage doubled for a short period of time. How many of you would work more? (The majority of the class would raise their hands.) How many of you would not change your hours worked? (A minority of hands). How many of you would work less? (A sprinkling of hands). At the end of the polling, he'd start teaching a standard theory of labor supply and using it to interpret the poll results (substitution vs. wealth effects).

Если инвертировать вопрос, то большинство студентов снова проголосует за «работать больше». Если вам очевидно почему, то вы менее оторваны от жизни, чем профессоры экономики.