Свободу политзаключённым! Донат Медиазоне




As of Now (Oct 2020), I'm wondering about:

  • personal computing;
  • especially, the IndieWeb;

Also I am switching projects on the jobby-job and working on Podcastr in my spare time.

Books I am reading:

  • Using SQLite
  • 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People
  • Tinderbox Way
  • Creating Flow with OmniFocus 3
  • Номенклатура

Recently finished books:

  • Дюна (Dune, russian translation)
  • On Writing Well

What is this page?

See <nownownow.com> for more details.

I'm planning to add /now updates on top, so the page stays also as a kind of archive.

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