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У W3C есть древний документ, ещё за авторством Тима Бёрнерса-Ли: Styleguide.

В частности, там есть страница под названием Refer or Copy:

When you are setting up an information system which refer to information which is available elsewhere, be very careful before taking a copy.

Here are some reasons for leaving it where it is:

  • When it is updated, you will either have to have a way of finding out, and make a fresh copy, or you will end up with an out of date copy.
  • If you feel that your copy will be easier to access, remember that this is relative. You will have readers from other places who may find the original is closer. If the original has a serious access problem, you could find another server (maybe offer your own) as the definitive storage point.

И приводится пример того, что нет смысла копировать:

You should be very wary before referring to your own private collections of the following, of which plenty of established collections exist:

Ни одна из этих ссылок больше не работает.