Свободу политзаключённым! Донат Медиазоне
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Бен Томпсон (Stratechery) сделал публичным свой ежедневный пост от 14 мая: Media, Regulators, and Big Tech; Indulgences and Injunctions; Better Approaches.

Пост хорош целиком (как и остальные посты Томпсона), меня больше всего зацепил один эпизод:

Google executives thought they’d found a way to dodge European regulation when, in Spain in 2014, they simply removed Google News from search results there rather than respond to regulators’ demands for compensation. But, in a sign of how things are shifting, when they tried a similar maneuver in response to France’s new regulation requiring payment for copyrighted “snippets” of news, Ms. de Silva pounced, ruling that the company’s take-it-or-leave-it approach was itself an abuse of market power. “We looked at what happened in Spain,” she said. “This is not really an avenue that is open to them because in our decision we asked them to maintain the content is as it is today.”

Let’s be crystal clear about what is happening here: Google is being compelled to do business in France against its will, precisely because news publishers need Google more than Google needs them, upsetting the entire premise of this article. Moreover, in Smith’s telling, this is the alternative to simply paying up voluntarily. It sounds radical to suggest this is blackmail, but at what point is it lying to say otherwise?

«Compelled to do business against its will» звучит как пассаж из Айн Ренд.