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Tweaking my laptop setup, late 2016 edition

Recently I've upgrade laptop to SSD and took a chance to switch from Debian to Arch Linux.

Shortly after that I've found /r/unixporn and started to tweak setup to look great. After all, it's 2016, why can't we have nice things?

So I went with Sway (Wayland compositor) at first, but my experience was rubbish. Something didn't quite work with multiple keyboard layouts, which is unacceptable for me. I thought I broke keyboard while replacing hard drive, but magically switching to plain old boring Xorg fixed it all.

What kind of problems, do you want to ask? Well, sometimes system thought that I pressed CAPS LOCK AND SWITCHED TO IT AND OH CRAP. And pressing Shift would break second layout, returning to the original. So I couldn't write на русском, пользуясь пунктуацией. Irritating. Yet as Wayland ecosystem is quite new to me, I didn't know how to properly debug it.

That's why I went back to Xorg. Generally I use i3, but after seeing unixporn I decided to try out i3-gaps, which is i3 with gaps patch (d'uh). It looks nice.

Usually I run emacs fullscreen, but needed some window to show gaps. Pictured emacs and urxvt with tmux.

I am not satisfied yet with look of the bar (Polybar), but didn't tweak it.

The general color scheme is based on gruvbox, thankfully internet already did convert it to emacs, urxvt, and tmux.

Update: shortly after that I purchased a Macbook Pro, so this is not my current setup.

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